Wisdom teeth” or third molars are the last teeth to come into the mouth. Typically we find them erupting through the gum tissues during the late teens and early twenties. But why are they called “wisdom teeth?” This time of young adulthood in the late teen years is tagged as the age when one gains maturity and thus wisdom. And there you have it, the origination of the infamous “wisdom teeth”! Every individual has their own schedule for the development and eruption of their teeth. Regular checkups with Dr. Hohlen allow him to evaluate the development and positioning of your wisdom teeth.

Certainly some people do have enough room for the wisdom teeth to fully erupt into their mouth, but by far, most do not. It is most common to find that wisdom teeth are misaligned, only erupted partially or that they have no room to erupt at all. When teeth are trapped or impacted under the gum or bone many complications can develop. As a general rule all impacted teeth should be removed unless removal is specifically contraindicated. Dr. Hohlen has multiple criteria that he evaluates in consideration for whether or not you will need to have your wisdom teeth taken out.

Removal of wisdom teeth may need to be done to prevent the following: pain, swelling, inflammation, infection or destruction of gum tissue or bone; damage to or crowding of adjacent teeth; periodontal disease, cavities (decay), lower jaw fractures, root resorption, cysts and tumors. Obviously many potential problems can be prevented by allowing Dr. Hohlen to evaluate your present condition via an oral examination and panoramic radiograph.

At Ridge Pointe Dental we are committed to evaluating and monitoring the development of your wisdom teeth by the use of a digital panoramic radiograph. We advise most every patient have a new panoramic radiograph taken every 3-4 years. Typically the first one is taken around age eight so the mixed dentition of primary (baby) and permanent teeth can be evaluated. Again, prevention is the key. The sooner Dr. Hohlen has the opportunity to evaluate, the more potential we have to prevent possible problems!

One of Dr. Hohlen’s emphases in his practice of general dentistry for the family is that of oral surgery. Premier oral surgery in the general practice comes via experience and advanced training through ongoing continuing education. Ridge Pointe Dental is committed to excellence in oral surgery. Dr. Hohlen has a vast experience in oral surgery and specifically the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. His desire is to exceed each patient’s expectations with premier care.

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, Ridge Pointe Dental offers an incredibly comfortable environment, caring staff, oral sedation options, ceiling mounted flat screen televisions, and the absolute highest degree of competency and excellence a general practice can offer.




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