Ridge Pointe Dental is dedicated to providing premier care to our patients in every possible capacity. Premier is defined as something out of the ordinary, something special. It also means being the very first in importance and that's exactly how we want you to feel in our office. Come see us at Ridge Pointe Dental and experience our premier care!

To Dr. Hohlen premier starts with the office design. The office atmosphere and environment must be modern and one in which you feel completely comfortable. We are very proud to be an office design of Unthank Design Group. Our deepest gratitude goes out to Dr. Unthank and his team for designing an office that is a total masterpiece! I can guarantee you this office will simply wow you with its modern, state-of- the-art, and comfortable feel.

A premier dental office also means being current with the technological advances in dentistry. Come, relax and enjoy our ceiling mounted flat screen TVs, our oversized ultra-soft leather chairs, and our large windows with natural light and beautiful view of southwest Lincoln. A commitment to technology and high-tech instruments allows Dr. Hohlen to provide you with the finest dental care possible. Feel good about receiving the most accurate diagnosis from digital radiographs and laser cavity detection. Rest assured that our dental technologies and instruments are quiet and will keep you comfortable. Feel at home with a neck pillow or blanket while you lay back and watch cable television during your appointment. Keep your lips moist with our complimentary lip balm.  Learn more about your teeth and your own personal oral hygiene regimen from our staff and “Guru” patient education.

Ridge Pointe Dental is a brand new office and has the most modern technological advances in dentistry, but it takes more than these to offer premier dental care. Dr. Hohlen and his staff are committed to providing premier care to you. We are devoted to patient education. We are dedicated to prevention of dental disease. Know and trust that Dr. Hohlen and his staff will be both proficient and efficient in the provision of your dental care every single visit.

Come see us at Ridge Pointe Dental and you’ll walk away with a full experience to our commitment to premier care!



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