Family dental care, no matter the age, always starts with prevention. Here at Ridge Pointe Dental we are committed to providing premier preventative dentistry to the entire family.

Taking your child to the dentist at an early age is the best way to prevent oral health problems. Come visit our office and we will educate you on how to properly care for your child’s teeth and identify his or her potential dental needs.

Dr. Hohlen is a huge advocate of the Age 1 Dental Visit. Both the American Dental Association and the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that all children have their first preventive dental visit by age one. But why? Infant dental visits reduce the child’s future risk of dental disease, enhance oral health throughout childhood, and reduce costs associated with oral health care. Some parents avoid taking chil¬dren to the dentist to save money, yet studies show that the dental costs for children who have their first dental visit before age one are 40 percent lower in the first five years of life than for those who do not see a dentist prior to their first birthday. Early visits to the dentist will also familiarize your child with the dental office which reduces anxiety and fear for future visits. Your child should be seen for his or her first visit within 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth but not later than the child’s first birthday.

To show you how much Dr. Hohlen is committed to providing premier care for the youngest of his patients we offer you and your family:

“Ridge Pointe Dental’s Age 1 Dental Visit Advocacy Plan”

If both parents are patients of record and in good standing with our office, checkup visits for children ages 0 to 2 will be complimentary of Dr. Hohlen. This plan includes 4 checkup visits (12, 18, 24, 30 months old) where Dr. Hohlen will provide a comprehensive oral examination to assess: 1) growth and development, 2) oral hygiene, 3) dental decay (cavities), 4) injuries, and 5) other possible problems. After this evaluation he will also clean the teeth (as indicated) and provide parent education and tips for the daily oral care of your child. Another critical item we will discuss and evaluate is your child’s fluoride exposure. Finally Dr. Hohlen will assess risk for development of tooth decay and provide information regarding oral development, teething, pacifier or finger/thumb sucking habits, and injury prevention. Certainly we will always be more than happy to answer any questions the parent may have at the end of each appointment.

Preventative care is simply defined as devotion to the prevention of disease. This means doing all we can to promote the oral health of every individual that comes to our practice. The absolute key to prevention is education. Here at Ridge Pointe Dental we are committed to educating our patients, whether you are 1 or 100 years old! Keeping your teeth and gums in good health can easily be done with a routine of brushing twice each day, flossing once each day, eating a balanced diet and limiting sugary snacks and pop, and visiting this office regularly for a professional teeth cleaning and dental examination.



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